For Soul and Body



Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin & Partner yoga courses for all levels. Come to balance
between contrasts, stability and movement, energy and relaxing, challenge
and comfort, conscious and subconscious, always combined with breathing and awareness. Among the olive trees at sunrise or sunset time.

The weekly programme from 22/04/20 – 31/10/20 is every Wednsday at 19.30 and every Sunday at 8.30.

We have our instructor and we organise time to tome yoga retreats during
the year. If you are a yoga instructor or agency and you are interesting of
organising yoga retreats at Agrikies Country Retreat please feel free to
contact us for more informations.


Take care of your body – it’s the only place you have to live in. Dorothea,
our certified massage therapist will be happy to help you soothe your
physical self so you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Whether you
choose a lava shell touch, a traditional Thai massage, a deep tissue rub
down or any other of our relaxing, revitalising options, each and every one
is given with all-natural products as well as our very own extra-virgin
olive oil. Come relieve your body and calm your mind in a uniquely peaceful
environment. Let the Messenian spirit of relaxation and rejuvenation guide