Wine tasting

Peloponnesian wines – perfume of myth

Peloponnesian wines are among the best internationally. The wine producers of the Peloponnese receive every year honors in world-class events and are the ambassadors of the wine culture of our country. The history of wine is interwoven with that of the Peloponnese. The cultivation of the vine in the Peloponnesian territory dates back to the ultimate antiquity. The worship life of the Peloponnese was interwoven with the Holy Wine and the Bachiki ritual tradition. It is reasonable for this long-standing relationship to produce fine wines, which incorporate in their ethereal aromas the whole
history of the Peloponnese.
Today in the production of wines of the region participate varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Gewurztaminer, giving local wines such as Arcadia, Tegea, Peloponnesian. Whites with rich aroma but also reds, which are suitable for aging.
Here at Agrikies, we love wine but more so, we want to share it with friends!All you have to do is to ask us for a wine tasting and soon you are goingto enjoy a great experience in a local vineyard 10 minutes away from Agrikies. It is always better to book in advance.

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photos by Tasty Tales