Agrikies Apartments & Glamping


Agrikies is an oasis in the Messinian olive tree forest, in Peloponnese. This property, an olive grove, located between the fish village of Marathopoli and Lagouvardos beach, belongs to my family for more than 100 years!

In 2006, we started Agrikies. A small family business with respect to nature’s rules. We call also Agrikies Country Retreat because since you come here you feel nature’s vibes all around you. You touch the green, you see the blue, you hear the birds singing in the morning, you dream with the orange at sunset time, you taste the land….

In 2007 we built the four stone made maisonettes and in 2015 we set up the five luxury safari tents (glamping). By our criteria of comfortable living, we set up all the other resting areas at agrikies. The swimming pool, the restaurant, the bar, the playground. All with a personal touch to the details and always inspired by the Mediterranean style.

Marina, the owner, is always there to welcome you and arrange for you activities at agrikies or …beyond your room. Trust her, she grew up in Marathopoli, she knows how to make you feel like a local for a while!